What's missing


Why you? 


When you woke up this morning how did you feel? 

Were you excited to get up? To get to work? To hit the gym? To run those errands that always need to be done. 


Did any of these thoughts run through your head: 

Yes, it’s Monday! I love the start of a new week, new opportunities, new chance to shine, now opportunities and a fresh start! 


So pumped to hit the gym, its leg day and I’m gonna crush it? Can’t wait to get my sweat on in bootcamp or on the treadmill! 


I can’t wait for the next chapter in the audiobook I'm listening to on the train or the car ride into work! 


Got my umbrella and even though it’s raining its still a beautiful day! 

Or were your thoughts more like: 

Ugh another Monday. Why do we even have Mondays? I don’t even feel like I had a weekend.  

Do not want to go to work today, my boss sucks, by job sucks, my staff don’t listen to me...what’s the point? 


Oh my God it’s leg day today, I hate leg day. Maybe I'll just sit on the bike and watch Law & Order reruns for a few hours. 


Just going to crank some tunes from the my 90’s alternative/low self-esteem era playlist my ex made for me and make my way into the office I guess.  


Can't even bother to have breakfast, just give me some coffee and hopefully everyone will just get out of my way today. 


OMG when will this stupid rain end and I can’t believe I forgot my umbrella....AGAIN!! 


Why did I go out this weekend and spend money I don’t have? 


Why do I let my staff walk all over me? Why did I let my boss give me extra work I can’t possibly get done? 


Why does this shit ALWAYS happen to me?


DUDE, You are messed up! 


If you are more likely in the second set of daily thoughts your life is going nowhere!  


Why are you even getting out of bed in the morning and how do you even do it? 


This is NO way to live and clearly you know you that.   


If any of the statements in that second group apply then you are stagnating.

Maybe you reached a point in your career where there is nowhere to go.  

Maybe you reached a plateau in your training that you can’t bust through so you just get to the gym and give it your best maybe 50%, or maybe you stopped going completely. 

Maybe you put on a few extra pounds you aren’t happy with and don’t know how to reverse it, and aren’t motivated to find out how. 


Maybe life has just handed you lemons and you hate lemonade. 


Maybe you are just vibrating really low right now and if you only knew what that meant you’d start to raise it up. 


Maybe you need to admit you need some help.


Maybe you need me more than your even realize



Why me? 

Because I have been there. 

I actually used to love Mondays. But for the wrong reason. I loved them because I hated being home. I hated being in a hostile environment that was literally draining the life out of me. It wasn't any one particular thing that created it, it was within me.  I moved from one place to the next that hostility found me and it sucked. 

I did love my job, for a while. But I wasn’t nearly making enough to pay my bills. But I didn’t do anything about it, I just played the game and hoped for recognition, reward, validation and promotion.  

But when those didn’t come that Monday excitement waned and I carried that dark cloud that was over my home life into work me. 

My workouts rocked! I made great gains and smashed goals! Why? What else did I have to be excited about? Nothing much. 

I pushed myself so hard I tore my rotator cuff. That was great.  

Just what did I have that even meant anything? 

Well, I had my kids. They were my joy.  

How could I have such joy in them and everything else in my life was just not right? 

I mean really not at all right.  

I knew my job was just a job and not a career I could sink my soul into. I tried. I actually really tried. But even though there were times when I was happy with my work, found certain successes and some reward, my heart would not allow me to celebrate and build on that. Why? Because deep down I knew something...

There was no fulfillment for me as a middle manager in IT. There never will be. 

How do I change? 

I decided to get my masters so I could be more marketable in higher positions. But..... 

I’d spend all that money in a field I'm not passionate about so I could make more money being unthrilled with what I’m doing?  

Why am I going to spend thousands of dollars on a diploma in a field that makes me go “Mehh...”? 

Okay but if not that? What? 

My own journey started me down the wrong path. The path of escape. Oh I escaped alright. But when I got back my problems were still there and they were worse because they had not been dealt with. 

My finances. My relationships. My job. I just ignored them and ‘got through’ while fueling my desire to escape.


Eventually the clouds lifted and I started a new journey. And when I met and started with my own coach we dug deep, really deep! But I wanted it, and I needed it, and I loved it! 

The journey of self-discovery is amazing!

It’s also difficult. It’s challenging and thought provoking and gut wrenching and yes, tear-jerking.

I cried a lot and I'm man enough to admit it.

Most importantly...

As I transitioned and grew and learned and cried and fought and stumbled and got up and kept going I realized something...


I owe this to myself 


Because I am worth more. 


And so are you! 


Why Now? 

“Life is Short” 

So they say, but life is literally the longest thing we do.

So why the hell do we waste so much of it doing something we don’t enjoy. Living a life we know can be better. Achieving goals we actually set realistically and working towards success in something we actually love to do.  

What needs fixing in your life? 

Personal health: 

Fitness, diet, any level, beginner to competitive bodybuilder or marathon runner. 


How to get ahead in the job you have, get motivated to succeed within your current company. How to present better through personal appearance as well as written & verbal communication. How to talk to anybody whether it’s the boss or those in the C-suite. 

What are you really meant to do? Are you unhappy with your career? Is it just a job? Do you see a different calling? A passion you aren’t aware of or unsure of? 

Personal Growth: 

How to go from debt (financial and spiritual) to abundance 

How to go from “Why me?” to “Hell yes, me!” 

In this long life we have, we don’t know how much time we have left so why waste it being less than we can be in every aspect. 


Life IS short, and the time is NOW

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