Hey Guys, Check out this stuff I happen to love!

Nothing happens until I get my coffee on, so why not share my fav travel mug, the first one I have found to actually keep it warm pretty much all day. And if i'm doing iced coffee, as I often do no matter the season, it keeps it cold and the ice doesn't melt!

These are a selection of books that have literally changed my life. From changing how you make even the smallest decisions, to using Quantam Physics to manifest whatever you want, to yes Things Oprah knows for sure. She is one wise woman, and I am man enough to admit it! 

Along with the books I have my favorite brand of journal. Even in this digital age I still have a fondness for pen & paper. Likewise for the calendar. I am very visual and need to see my day, week, month, and year laid out in front of me. That's just what works best for me. As well you'll find my favorite brand of whey Protein and shaker bottle. I'm typically just a chocolate drinker this mocha cappuccino is ridiculous!

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